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Practice Areas

Aerial view of a combine and tractor during harvest.

Agriculture Law

Bloethe, Elwood & Buchanan attorneys prepare farm leases, farm lease termination notices, landlord liens, and are knowledgeable in a wide range of Iowa agriculture law matters. We counsel clients about Iowa fence law, premises liability, and a range of other agricultural issues.


When forming business entities for clients, we consider whether the entity will affect the clients’ agricultural program payments.


Wills, Trust, Estate & Probate

Bloethe, Elwood & Buchanan assists clients in preparing an estate plan that best meets their goals and desires. Depending on each client’s needs, we are able to prepare a Will, Trust, or assist clients in titling their assets in a manner that effectively accomplishes the goals of our client. We handle estates of all sizes and are diligent to ensure that we handle each estate in a manner to achieve favorable tax consequences for the estate and beneficiaries.

Sunrise over an acreage.

Real Estate Law

Bloethe, Elwood & Buchanan attorneys prepare real estate purchase agreements, title opinions, and serve as closing agents for real estate closings. We assist clients in boundary disputes, deed preparation, and easement/license preparation.


We advise Landlords and Tenants concerning their respective rights and will assist Landlords or Tenants in enforcing the terms of their rental agreement.

Business Organizations.jpg

Business Organizations

Bloethe, Elwood & Buchanan assists clients in the formation, management, and dissolution of business entities. We incorporate, organize, and form Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and Partnerships. We prepare Bylaws, Operating Agreements, Partnership Agreements, and Buy-Sell Agreements for our clients. Bloethe, Elwood & Buchanan works with our clients to ensure that they are aware of the requirements to maintain limited liability protection and offers counsel as to which business entity provides favorable tax results for each individual client.



Bloethe, Elwood & Buchanan attorneys are prepared to help clients resolve their claims by filing a lawsuit on their behalf. We assist clients in contract disputes, Will and Trust interpretation, boundary disputes, and car accident cases, among others.

For clients where the amount in dispute is under $6,500, we help such clients file a small claims case.

Tax Law.jpg

Tax Law

Our attorneys attend the Bloethe Tax School in Des Moines each year, to stay on top of changes in the tax code. We prepare Federal and State Income tax returns for individuals, partnerships, and LLC’s. In addition, we prepare Fiduciary income tax returns for Estates and Trusts, as well as Estate tax returns and Gift tax returns as required.


In addition to the preparation of tax returns, we are able to advise clients on specific tax matters and will work in tandem with your accountant or CPA to accomplish a favorable tax outcome for our clients.

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